Clinton County S.P.C.A.

We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

33 Mill Hill Road

Lock Haven, PA  17745

Telephone:  (570)-748-4756








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Spay Day 2004

The Doris Day Animal Foundation’s (DDAF) tenth annual National Spay Day will be celebrated this year on Tuesday, February 24, 2004.  The Clinton County SPCA, in cooperation with several area veterinarians, is again promoting National Spay Day by offering $20.00 off the price of spaying or neutering your dog or cat.  To be eligible, the appointment for spaying or neutering must be made on February 24, 2004, and the procedure will be done at a future scheduled time. 

Participating veterinarians include Dr. Bason, Dr. Confer, Dr. DeFrate, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Baker, Drs. Reese Jr. & Sr., and Dr. Little.

Spaying and neutering  not only benefits the health of your animal, but also prevents unwanted puppies and kittens.  Yearly, hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats enter the CCSPCA and unfortunately, the shelter can not find homes for all of them. 

The shelter encourages everyone to have their pets spayed or neutered.   If you would like to help make a difference, and all of your pets have already been spayed and/or neutered, please consider making a donation to help spay or neuter one of our shelter animals that are waiting to find their forever home.





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Guardian Angel Program

In an effort to help find good homes for all of  the animals at the shelter, the CCSPCA has created the Guardian Angel Program.  Community members who cannot provide a home for these animals but still want to help can donate any amount of money towards the animal of their choice.  The donation can be earmarked specifically for the adoption fee, their shots, or their neutering.  A Guardian Angel sign with your name on it will be placed on the cage or kennel of the animal you are helping.  With the help of past guardian angels, many of our animals have found wonderful homes!  If you are interested in becoming a guardian angel, please contact the shelter at 748-4756.